St. John Neumann Homeschooling Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. John Neumann Homeschooling Association is to promote home schooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s education at home. With the support of our fellow members, we will grow, serve, love and learn in our Catholic Faith.


1)   To strengthen our Catholic families.

2)       To promote and encourage Catholic values.

3)       To foster Catholic vocations.

4)       To educate our children.

5)       To teach the traditions and history of the Roman Catholic Church.

6)       To promote devotion to the Blessed Mother.


Yearly Activities:

As the liturgical year progresses we try to have activities that coincide with the church’s feast days and holy days.  These activities will be posted in the weekly church bulletin.  In addition, activities will be promoted through an email thread members will be able to join once their membership has been established.  Please know that these activities are successful when supported and lead by active members of the Homeschooling Association.  Members are responsible for creating, planning and implementing activities.  Once a member has an idea for an activity they should contact the Association Moderators who will assist them in getting the activity planned in accordance with parish staff.  Activities for Association members are not the sole responsibility of the Homeschooling Moderators or parish staff.  Active membership is needed in order for the Association to thrive.  

Moderators 2014-2015:

To Register:   Contact the Rectory or the RE Office office to obtain a registration form. See Staff Members page for contact information.