With the Sacrament of Confirmation one continues his/her commitment to our Lord’s community, the Church, that began at Baptism. Just as Baptism is a personal Easter for Christians who die with Christ in the baptismal waters in order to rise with Him, Confirmation is a personal Pentecost in which the presence of God’s life-giving Spirit empowers Christians to witness to Christ.

Preparation for Confirmation is a multi-dimensional process of spiritual reflection, soul-searching, and faith-sharing in order to ready one’s heart for the strengthening grace of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation is a commitment to follow Jesus’ way of life by participating fully in the sacramental life of the Church, serving the community, and continuing to deepen one’s faith. For this reason, our program combines various techniques to facilitate this process such as prayerful classroom discussion and reflection, home study, service projects, Eucharistic celebrations, liturgical rites, a parent-child workshops, and a day-long retreat.

Confirmation Ceremonies - Saturday, May 12th

Presider: Bishop Campbell

  • 10:30am Liturgy - Wednesday Religious Formation class, Jesus Summer Program, and candidates from other parishes
  • 1:30pm Liturgy - Tuesday Religious Formation class, Catholic Schools, and Homeschool candidates

Rehearsals - Friday, May 11th
  • 5:00pm Rehearsal = 10:30pm Liturgy participants
  • 7:00pm Rehearsal = 1:30pm Liturgy participants

NOTE: Sponsors must attend