Capital Campaign

In our 40th year as a Parish, we now look with hope for needed future expansion. We consider that our Patron, Saint John Neumann, was known for establishing communities of faith like we have today. Already, we are rejoicing over the work that God is doing in our lives and in our community. We wanted you to know so that you can be a part of that joy of this opportunity, both now and into the future.

The mission of our proposed addition: To build a place of encounter with Christ that leads to communion with Him and His people at Mass, from which we are sent into the world on mission, strengthened by the Sacraments, prayer, fellowship, and sound catechesis.

This mission is realized through a three-fold building program:

NEW Multi-use Gathering Space and new Church Entrance will offer Sunday and weekday moments of Encounter.

NEW Adoration Chapel will offer larger space for adorers to spend time with the Lord..

NEW Religious Formation Offices and conference room will strengthen the mission of forming intentional disciples.

History of Expanding our Home Capital Campaign

In his letter December 2017, Father Joe Rogers shared a guide to the fulfillment of our “Expanding our Home” Capital Campaign. When begun in 2013, attention focused on the property the Neumann House and its 4 acres. Following the establishment of a clear Parish Vision, discernment and consultation with the various consultative committees, the opportunities and projects were clarified. In the past few years, major improvements were made to the Church, Neumann House and Lochaven properties with our Rectory and Offices. Improvements were completed through private donations, not from the Capital Campaign funds. So our focus was allowed to shift from the Neumann House property development (currently well utilized by groups) to expanding our Church Building in welcoming the faithful to education, community and prayer for years to come.


We were originally given five years to collect funds for the campaign. We have collected over $2,000,000 because of your perseverance and generosity. As the Neumann House mortgage was paid as expected, plus design fees were spent facilitating the planning. So we remain with $1.5 million toward our expansion. With our request to extend the campaign, we have been given permission for 18 months to reach and surpass our fundraising goal for the expansion of our church.


We hope and need to collect another $750,000+ over 18 months to create this future for ourselves and those who join us in our worship here.


How do I get involved?


As this is your Parish, your participation and assistance is needed! This project cannot be completed without you. Help us surpass our goal of $750,000 in the next 18 months.


  *  If you have completed your pledge and would continue with support of your monthly payment for the next 18 months

  *  If you made a pledge not yet fulfilled, you have another 18 months to complete your pledge.

  *  If you have not yet participated by making a pledge to this Campaign, your contribution over the next 18 months would put us over the top.


Prayerfully consider your involvement. End of the Year donations are accepted now and Pledge Opportunities will be presented to the Parish on the final weekend of January 2019.


Contact Rebecca Tuban at 301.977.5492

History of Properties, Usages and Upgrades


We are able to turn our attending to Encounter Communion and Mission because our properties have expanded one the years. Our Church was build in 1984 and expanded upon in 1987 with the Parish Center and in 1997 with the Catechetical Center. Our Rectory was built in the early 1990’s as a Office and Priest Residence. Our Neumann House was purchased in 2007 and has been improved upon to be a ‘mini’ parish center.


This series of three flyers will highlight the history, upgrades and reasons for retaining these properties and focusing on the church.


February 2019 - Neumann House (link to document here

March 2019 - Parish Rectory (link to document here)

 April 2019 - Church and Addition * Coming Soon!