Advisory Ministries


Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Council serves as a consultative body for the pastor. Through reflection, prayer, planning, motivation, and support the parish pastoral council serves the pastor by helping identify and encourage those ministries or services that are needed for the growth of a living parish community, evaluated and implemented on a regular basis. The parish council assists the pastor with discerning and achieving the overall good of the parish and its mission. Members of the council should be:

-Representative of the parish

-Knowledgeable about the faith

-Committed practicing registered members of the parish

-Knowledgeable of the various programs, apostolates, and initiatives of the parish,

-Committed to the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Members serve a three year term and may be renewed for another three years. Meetings are generally held once amonth, September through June. Through elections, or appointments, the successful candidate is contacted by the Pastor and generally begins his or her term in September.

First Row - left to right:  Michaela Hiles, Sophie El Halall, Alice Garvey, Deacon Davy, Mark Murphy, Jennie Cullen Meyer.  Second Row left to right:  Bob Kirby, Michael York, Harald Schneider, Roland Bako, Eugene de Ribeaux, Betsy Rayel, Father Joe Rogers, Wes Rice, Charlie Minear, Bill Garvey. Not pictured:  Sylvia Granados-Maready, Doug Mainwaring, Tom Whippen, Amparo Tamayo, Deacon Levy, Deacon Carlo Caraballo, Father Bill Wadsworth, Eugene Kane and Cheryl Harskowitch (photographer).


Finance Council

Finance Council is responsible for advising the Pastor on all matters affecting the financial well-being of the parish. Meetings are held four times a year or more as deemed necessary by the Pastor to conduct financial business of the parish. The agenda shall be arranged by the Chair person in consultation with and approval of the Pastor. The Finance Council shall be composed of the Pastor and not less than three reputable and practicing members of the parish who are knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters and known for their prudent judgment.


Members are appointed by the Pastor and serve for three-year terms and may be asked to serve a second term.